M. Astercoach behind the scene

Hockey World (the world leading Hockey magazine) asking M. Astercoach Wawa in the U.S.:

Hockey World: „Mr. M. Astercoach we are wondering why you are here with us following our invitation to the U.S. during the peak of the season of your team @ hm?“

Wawa: „It might sound crazy to you, but it´s not the crunchtime of our season why I don´t feel well being here with u – it´s the family & friend day tm on fatherday back hm which makes me feel sad“

Hockey World: „Family & Friend day? – is that again one of your innovations which makes the HC St. Pauli so special and leads to more and more interest from the media people around the globe?”

Wawa: “This is how we live our sport! The increasing audience we gain is because of our success on the pitch, as you know we are close to win the championship in the third consecutive year again”

Hockey World: “Yes, we have noticed that and again we can not understand we they headcoach is not with his team during that time of the season”

Wawa: “Change before you have to – this is why the President has sent me over to you guys. He wanted that I learn some new coaching methods from the best of the best in U.S. sports before we go into the final games of the season”

Hockey World: „Excuse me, as far as we have heard you have been asked by the top notch coaches of our country to tell them how to steal shamelessly your tactic strategies which have lead so fare to your 79:0 winning series”

Wawa: “ To be honest with you – yes it´s the truth the HC. St. Pauli is proud to helping our German fellows in the NHL and NBA finals to give them some personal coaching as well as transferring some best tactic practice to their teams”

Hockey World: “In game 4 of the western conference final we all were surprised about the defensive strength of the Mavs – what have you tod them?”

Wawa: “Let them shoot – give them good opportunities to shoot, but avoid the best shots – this is how we play defense – we have a goalie and we believe in him. If you compare the 30something percent OKC has made from the field – the ratio we achieve is even under this level – we have played games this season like the away game in Buchholz were they have had 15plus good chances but the 150% chance which is needed to overcome Mirco von Allwörden our goalie”

Hockey World: „In game 5 the Mavs had one of the biggest comebacks a team has ever had in NBA history turning back a 15 point difference within the last 5 minutes”

Wawa: “The Mavs call it know internally the 5 minute WARNING – Rick C. has told them the HC St. Pauli story in the time out and since them they follow our winning motto: believe it and it will happen!”

Hockey World: „Is that what they call overseas the Pauli blizzard?”

Wawa: “Yes you have done your homework”

Hockey World: „Excuse me Mr. M. Astercoach but it is at least the 4th Jacky Coke you have in your hand, we know that there is a close relationship between this US based beverage supplier from Lynchburg, TN, but it terms of product placement we are not used to this habit”

Wawa: “We are as we are, one M. Astercoach will not follow any rules you guys will give him…”

Hockey World: „Coming back to business – what´s the offense secret of your success?”

Wawa: “We play the Zone Blitz system from the very first minute of the game – a tactic by the way which all your teams in the NFL have copied from us in the defense – this may makes the difference we believe and know that the offense is able to win even championships”

Hockey World: „Mr. M. Astercoach on last question pls – why you don’t were any skates by playing Hockey?”

Wawa: “You will never learn it- like at the summer Olympics in 1984 as the Hockey games were sold out first- Cheers”

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